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Welcome, Radical Woman

Where the body is the bridge to your deepest healing.

Work with Anjali


A journey of Feminine Empowerment and Sovereignty. Connecting back with your True Self and creating a radically fulfilling life.


It's my deepest honor to support you on your path. I guide women to release the very common "Good Girl" persona by rewriting old stories and beliefs that once convinced you of being "too much" or "not enough". We heal the inner critic and cultivate an empowered inner voice, one that embraces your fullness.

This is a path of remembering who you are as you take up space in rooms with your voice, body, and energy. As you begin living life the way you desire to, unapologetically . You are, and always have been worthyYou are whole, and it's time to remember this.

When choosing to work with me, expect a mixture of integrative healing tools such as Somatic Experiencing (body based trauma release practices), Inner Child Reclamation, Subconscious Reprogramming (NLP), Breath Work, Embodiment, and Meditation /  mindfulness techniques.

"I chose to work through a mentorship program because I felt that it would provide a different perspective than the cycle of therapy I have been in at various points during my life. I felt confident choosing Anjali as this mentor after my experience working with her during a week-long spiritual and yoga retreat in late 2019. Her level of professionalism is matched to the level of empathy she displays while connecting with people through her mentorship work. She held so much space for me while I unpacked some of my deepest-seeded traumas. We worked through some factors of my life experience that were continuing to hold me back from truly honoring and loving myself. Anjali helped me identify personal values that form the building blocks of boundaries that I need to respect in order to continue honoring myself. She encouraged me to express myself in ways that spark joy within, and in ways that may take up space without holding onto fear of making room for myself. As a result of working with her, I feel more in-touch with who I used to be, the things I've experienced in my life, and how those factors help to form who I am today.  I would encourage anyone who needs to fall in love with their self again to reach out to Anjali, so she can help them find their own path."

- Megan Barsotti

Alexa Young, CA


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Hello beautiful soul, 
My passion for women's healing began in 2018 after coming home from a life changing trip to Bali, where I experienced some of the most profound healing. Since then, I have been working with women to find their voice, come back into relationship with their body, and remember their own sweet divinity. I believe each and every woman has the power to come back home to herself, despite past trauma and challenges. I believe there is nothing more healing that bringing women together to experience sisterhood. I believe that women carry a responsibility in creating a new world to live in. One where we are respected, cared for, safe, and connected to the Earth. I believe each woman deserves to not only see, but know her beauty and worth. 
It is an honor to walk with you down this path of remembrance and self love. The term Radical Woman is rite of passage journey. It is the doorway we enter where we transform from the Maiden, to the Sovereign Woman. Embodied, Empowered, and Alive.

Truth, Love and Liberation


Meet Anjali 

Image by Camille Brodard
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