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Meet Anjali Romaniuk,

My journey is one full of life's magic and grit. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share about who I have been, my journey, and the woman I am today. Thank you for seeing me, and thank you for seeing yourself. 

 I grew up an only child just outside of Detroit, MI. I was a wild, ambitious, loud singing child, naturally full of spirit. I was quick to make friends and find adventure. My parents raised in the temples of ISKON (Hare Krishna's), so at a young age I was exposed to a lot of Eastern Spiritual practices and philosophy. I grew up in temples, getting chased by peacocks, and wearing Saris. It was magical, and it was also challenging. My household growing up was often chaotic, dysfunctional, and felt unsafe. My parents battled addictions and their own trauma and karma, and as an only child it often felt inescapable. 

Middle school and high school were very tumultuous times. Between arguments happening at home, police calls, emotional abuse, and growing up way too fast for my own good, I began to detach and abandon my true self. I never felt like I could relate or fit in with others at school. My self esteem plummeted and I soon started to reject and hate myself. I did my best to fit in with others and make friends, but it never felt genuine. I hated school, and never put any effort into work. I found myself in and out of relationships with guys who I had no real connection with and mistreated me. I began to abused my body with food, drugs / alcohol, and my sexuality at a young age 

At the end of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, or who I was. I went to college for a little while, but it never resonated with me. 


Yoga became an integrated part of my life in 2011. Mostly because I resented my body so much that I would take the hottest, sweatiest Vinyasa classes and hope to get skinny. I was battling eating disorders and body dysmorphia for awhile at this point. I may have fooled people in my life that I was doing great and being healthy, but I could never fool myself.


In 2014 I quit college and became a certified yoga teacher. I began teaching group classes and it was a huge initiation into my new path in life. A path of Self Discovery and deep healing. & boy, did I have it coming. I was still misaligned in many ways. I partied & self abused while preaching 'Self Love' and Spirituality in yoga classes.

Still absorbed in self pity and victimhood, repeating the same patterns of strife and struggles, relationship pains and feeling alone in the world, a shift was bound to happen eventually. 

 In 2018 I decided to go to Bali, Indonesia for an immersive 300hour Yoga Teacher Training. This adventure was a massive catalyst for my healing and awakening. During this time in my life, I was having many realizations about my life, the part I played in my own suffering, what kind of reality I was creating for myself, and learned about Universal Consciousness and Spiritual Energetics for the first time. I went to Bali alone, a trip to the other side of the world to find myself. The island offered me so much more than I could have imagined. It was during this training where I felt sisterhood for the first time in my life. The women I connected with during this trip was the greatest gift. We cried together, sang together, ecstatically danced together, contemplated life together, and we were basically naked all the time in our little jungle bungalow. I had never been around other women naked before this point, and it was a powerful permission slip.


Not only was my relationship to Spirit changing radically, my relationship to other women and my own body was being re-written. I found that there was really nothing to be ashamed about. Being around other naked women makes you realize that we are all so uniquely different, there is really no 'perfect' body. This allowed me the space of self study and radical self acceptance. I questioned so many of my behaviors and choices so I could understand the root of my self hatred.

At the end of my time in Bali, I was a changed woman. As we sat in closing circle together on the last day, I cried and cried and cried. I could hardly get words out, the healing was so profound. The women around me loved and embraced me in a way I was unable to before I arrived. 

At this point, I knew life would change when I returned home.


The change was radical. I came home so inspired and ready to dive into myself deeper and deeper. For the first time I wanted healing, I wanted growth, I wanted to take responsibility for my life. So I invested my time and money in more trainings, books, development courses, and into loving myself. 

2019 was a pivotal year. I planned my very first yoga + wellness retreat in Puerto Rico, I quite my full-time job, ended a very toxic relationship and got SUPER clear on the type of Man I desired to attract into my life to do the healing work with, Invested in a business coach, and made the decision to release some of my friendships that I didn't feel fully aligned with any longer. I decided to stop partying and began to prioritize my health. I watched as my life shifted in a major way. 

Suddenly, the man I had been man-ifesting appeared. When I was just learning about conscious relationship is was said "Your partnership is here to take you deeper than you yourself can go alone." We entered our relationship with the intention helping each other heal and become the greatest versions of ourselves. Knowing that all our wounds would come to the surface and holding the awareness to move through it together. Mitch offers so much knowledge to me that constantly expands my growth. His presence has helped to strengthen my own healthy Masculine side, while he equally holds space for me to explore and experience the depths of my Wild, Chaotic, Sensual Feminine.


My purpose in this lifetime has never been more clear. The connection I have cultivated within myself is unmatched. There is still so much to learn and explore within myself, but my vision & service to humanity is extremely aligned. After years of teaching large yoga classes, I decided to make my work more intimate with one-on-one Private Yoga, and soon after I decided to also pursue Women's Spiritual Mentorship and Life Coaching. While some people in life doubted me and questioned my choices & my path, I kept going. I traded a college degree for life experience and internal wisdom. I gave up my comfort zone again and again and expanded into growth. I took the biggest risks of my life while knowing I would be eternally guided. I left old stories of not being good enough, feeling alone and purposeless, and found soulful community and a bounty of Self Worth. 

My healing still continues, but my passion for guiding and assisting others on the journey is my deepest desire and propels me forward.

My Mission

To offer my guidance and wisdom to women all over the world who feel lost, disconnected, and wish to heal and find sisterhood. To walk with them as they rediscover their power, align with their passion, and cultivate an unshakeable foundation of Self Love & Confidence.


My Vision

A reality where women can return to the roots of sisterhood and sovereignty. Where women feel at home and connected to their bodies and are free to express themselves without hiding or shrinking their wild, authentic expressions. My vision is a world of women fully in tune with their inner power and personal gifts and we come together to break generational trauma and heal the wounds of our past. 

We rise. 

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