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A sacred space for women to commune, heal, and re-wild.

GATHER is a monthly women's circle held in Ferndale, Michigan on the last Thursday of each month. 

This is a community space to cultivate friendship with other women and explore a deeper sense of sisterhood. Once a month we will sit in circle with each other & discuss a spiritual topic / theme to integrate and reflect on. We will move our bodies, journal, create a ceremony style space with song, and connect with each other in a present way.
Our gatherings are intended to be supportive and a safe space for you to explore yourself, share whats on your heart, be heard, celebrate, and re-connect with the Wild Feminine. 

Expect Sacred Ceremony, Movement Practices, Breath Work, Hugs, Laughs, Music, Song, Art, and the bliss of learning and growing amongst other women.



Join us for $35

Thursday March 31st, 2022


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Hi, I'm Anjali the creator of GATHER. I believe that it is crucial for women to have sacred spaces to come together and there should be more opportunities to do so. Many years ago women gathered together to celebrate, dance, hold each other high, and keep the Feminine magic alive. We know this in our ancestry, and many of us are craving this type of community in todays world where there is more competition and division between women.

Healing with women by my side has changed my life in profound ways.


My vision is to create spaces for the healing within myself and all women to continue. 

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