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I am so grateful you are here.

The Radical Woman Mentorship with Anjali is an intimate, heart centered, and personalized experience  for each client. This coaching container is not for everyone, but it IS for the woman who values, and is committed to, her personal growth and becoming the best version of herself. If you are desiring a deep dive healing experience with 1:1 attention and mentorship, this is for you. 

In this container I can tell you confidently that the women I work with walk away with a stronger sense of Self, genuine confidence, a knowing of their worth, and restored trust within themselves. The work we do toget
her is powerful and will transform the way you love yourself, in the best way possible.

This is for you if...

>> You desire to be more intimate with yourself. No more running from emotions, it's time to feel + alchemize them.

>> You are ready to release People Pleasing and Codependent behavior and begin living for yourself. 

>>  You want to feel confident and aligned with yourself on a deep level. In your mind, body, and soul. 

>> You are determined to live in your strength and personal power and are ready to let go of trauma stories. 

>> You are ready to set boundaries in your life so you can feel respected and honored from yourself and those around you.

>> You want to cultivate a reservoir of love for yourself so deep that you only accept what feels truly nourishing for your heart + life.

>> You're ready to start living life for yourself, not on anyone else's terms or based on outside opinions or influences. 


>> You're ready to try something new to get the results you desire. Standard approaches like therapy haven't been super helpful

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The focus of our work together is any or all of the the following based on your needs and desires: 

Learning to create safety in your nervous system with tools and techniques based on Somatic Healing Modalities. 

Embracing your Feminine Energy. Exploring where you can surrender and release control while honoring your specific needs and allowing them to be met. 

Connecting with and healing the inner child. 

Reclaiming your voice, communicating your needs, and creating strong boundaries.

Allowing yourself to build a new found identity based in
your Power.

Aligning with your values and living life in Integrity.

Coming home to your Spiritual Connection and restoring trust in God / The Universe / Spirit /  and yourself.

Structuring your life to support you in making your dreams come into reality. 

Releasing old programming of unworthiness and creating a new story for your life. 

Increasing your standards of what you allow in your sacred space (mind, body, and soul).

xpanding your capacity to RECEIVE. Love, Money, Connection, Ease, Joy.


"My experience when working with Anjali was enlightening. Anjali has a way of creating a safe space where you can fully express your personal experience and feel completely heard and accepted. She focuses on connection which encourages you to have a greater connection with yourself. Anjali holds up a mirror to who you are and provides practical tools to help you create more harmony with your mind, body, and soul. Anjali presents herself as your equal. You won’t be receiving any type of guru persona from her. She is humble and authentically herself. She holds your hand as you unfold into what needs to be. I completely trust her intentions and her work.


When I worked with Anjali I felt seen and safe. I also knew I would be making some changes in my life due to the transformative work she invited me to do. She has a way of breaking down complex topics that help guide you to understand the root of your experiences. She is a powerful individual who I would recommend to anyone and everyone."

- Amber Lodeesen

My coaching style is not just mindset oriented but also focused on somatic healing, energetics, and spiritual philosophy. The somatic practices I integrate into my coaching are in place to release stored trauma that is held within the body to enable a regulated nervous system. This is a key part of why my clients get amazing lasting results, because the body remembers what the mind forgets, and when we work with the body, you can expect to experience powerful releases of what no longer serves you.

If you are serious about working 1:1 together, please click the link below to book a complimentary connection call so we can get to know each other more in depth and make sure this is the right fit!


What's Included:


Option #1
Single 60 minute sessions with Anjali on Zoom
$120 per session

Coaching + Mentorship Option #2
4 months of coaching and mentorship with Anjali via Zoom
$2,800 PIF or $750 
/ month

Coaching + Mentorship Option #3
VIP Mentorship with Anjali
months of coaching & mentorship via Zoom + a 3 day somatic integration retreat in Asheville with Anjali at a private luxury airbnb.
$7,000 PIF or 2 payments of $3,500

*your flight, meals, and stay, and all activities are included in this pricing*

 Options 2 & 3 Include:
Voxer Voice Messaging Access 5 days a week Monday-Friday 
One 90 minute deep dive Zoom call to start our mentorship together 
One 60 minute Zoom call every week together (Video or Audio)
Access to my content library with tons of material to utilize for your own growth
Access to THE SISTERHOOD 6 Month virtual Women's Circle 

25% off a Women's Retreat with me of your choosing! 

Anjali (38).jpg

I'm so excited to create magic with you! 



"Through the months we worked together, I became aware of deeply ingrained codependency patterns and self-abandonment. Having weekly time to sit with a woman who so solidly mirrors what it looks like to have and express clear and healthy boundaries was seriously life changing. Anjali truly embodies what she teaches, something that only comes from years of devotion to her own liberation."

- Islay Smedley

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