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Discover the bliss of private home yoga sessions with Anjali

Serving Buncombe County, NC

Private yoga sessions are an excellent option for anyone looking to receive 1:1 attention to begin or strengthen your yoga practice.

Anjali travels to your home and provides additional yoga props to support your body during your session. 

Choose your own atmosphere, play your own music if you wish, and enjoy the pleasure of privacy and direct guidance. 


Why begin a yoga practice?

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Creates a healthy relationship with your breath & body 

  • Supports a healthy immune system and balanced lifestyle 

  • Improves sleeping patterns & inner peace

  • Aids in keeping the body flexible AND strong

  • Provides you the ability to connect with yourself on a deeper level of self care and spirituality

Anjali specializes in the following yoga styles:





Slow Flow + Gentle Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions & Packages

Consultation + First Session FREE

Single 60 minute session - $150

One session a week - $580 / month

4 sessions per month

Two sessions a week - $1,100 / month
8 sessions per month


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not flexible at all, can I still do yoga?

-YES! Yoga is not about being flexible. It's more about connecting to your body and learning how to work with your specific range of motion. If your goal is to be more flexible, we can certainly work on that, but it's not a requirement to start a practice.

Q: Can I invite my husband or friend to practice with me? 

-Absolutely! They will get $10 off for joining you, or you can give them one of your packages. 

Q: How often should I do sessions if I want to see results? 

-Realistically, twice a week is very beneficial. If once a week is all you can manage, then that's ok too! A awesome addition to being a private yoga client with me is you get access to my pre-recorded videos that you can do on your own time to get results and stay in practice.

Check out Anjali's online Yoga Classes & Meditation Courses

Online Yoga Classes
Meditation Course
  • Book a connection call with Anjali to get to know eachother!
    30 min
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